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EC-MFB - Airbus A340-300

Manufacturer Information

With a service range of 7,400 nautical miles, Airbus’ A340-300 is tailored to meet the needs of the 250-290-seat long-range market – offering direct point-to-point services and increased flight frequencies at lower costs. As flagships with smaller airlines, A340-300s provide vital long-range links to and from less populous cities; while serving as a cost-effective 250-290-seat long-range complement for operators of A320 Family aircraft.

History of the reg

Produced in Toulous, our A340-300 was originally registered in April 1998 by Singapore Airlines (Singapore) under the registration 9V-SJM. This was transferred to the Boeing Aircraft Holding Company (USA) in June 2003 under the reg D-ASIJ.

Shortly after, in June 2003, the aircraft was transferred to Gulf Air (Bahrain) under the reg, A4O-LH, later changing to A9C-LH in November 2007. The aircraft was intended to be leased by Hellenic Imperial Airways (Greece) under the reg SX-TIG but this was not taken up.

For it's final role, the airline Plus Ultra (Spain) leased the aircraft in March 2015 under the reg EC-MFB, retiring it in August 2020.

Our History with the Aircraft

This aircraft sees continued use in the bar as one of our VIP pods, offering a sheltered premium experience inside the very fuselage of an aircraft.

The final livery of the aircraft is maintained on the outer surface of the two fuselage sections used in the pod.

EC-MFB - Airbus A340-300
EC-MFB - Airbus A340-300
EC-MFB - Airbus A340-300
EC-MFB - Airbus A340-300
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